Brand Management Group warranties for HP large format printing materials—providing you with peace of mind

Look to HP large format printing materials for high-quality, reliable solutions for all your application needs. 

Original HP printing materials for sign and display applications are covered by a BMG warranty. For the complete warranty statement, see: 

» BMG Limited Warranty Statement for HP Large Format Printing Materials

And in some cases, BMG offers warranties tailored to specific sign and display application needs. Some warranty limitations apply. See the links below for each of these tailored warranty statements.

BMG Warranties for HP Self-adhesive Materials

HP offers a range of self-adhesive materials with BMG warranties that guarantee these products to be free of material or coating flaws and defects that affect the final use of the print and meet HP published specifications. These warranties also cover key performance characteristics such as display permanence and clean removal from specified surfaces.

Some warranty limitations apply. For complete BMG warranty statements, see: 

» HP Permanent Gloss Adhesive Vinyl Warranty

» HP Permanent Matte Adhesive Vinyl Warranty

» HP One-view Perforated Adhesive Window Vinyl Warranty

BMG Warranties for HP Papers

HP PVC-free Wall Paper comes with a BMG warranty for clean removal.1 Save time and avoid additional clean up with this easily removable, strippable solution. Simply tear it off, and count on the BMG warranty that covers clean removal.

Some warranty limitations apply. For the complete warranty statement, see: 

» HP PVC-free Wall Paper Warranty

1 HP PVC-free Wall Paper can be easily removed from the wall. Residual adhesive can be easily wiped clean with water and a sponge.